Google maps Contact extractor software Features : #1 Scraper tool

Google maps Contact extractor software Features : #1 Scraper tool

Our Google Maps Contact Extractor Software allows you to scrape information from the Google Maps website listings based on your search.

With our Web scraper tool, you will be able to capture thousands of business leads from Google Maps within minutes. The Google Maps Contact Extractor is a desktop software for Windows that extracts information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, latitude, longitude, websites, and emails. It is equipped with a single-screen dashboard for conveniently accessing all the information you need. Extract data and propel your business to new heights through quality leads.

Look no further because now you can get all the contact details you need from the Google Maps website. With our Smart lead extraction Solution, you can extract with Google Maps API and without API in scraper mode.

Don’t waste any more money or time buying lists from brokers or marketers, manually sifting through the phone book or other online directories. Our Google Maps data extractor software does it all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Google Maps Data Extractor Software

To move ahead successfully with direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns, you need a lot of contacts. With our Google Maps data extractor, any organization can collect hundreds of thousands of contacts from a target group within days or even hours. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait! Take advantage of the power and simplicity of Google Maps Data Extractor software today! Scrape Google Maps search results is easy and simple.

 Google Maps Contact extractor software features

  • Can extract data in scraper mode (Extract unlimited data for free).
  • Extract using Google MAP API.
  • Extracted data is stored in CSV format, which can easily be opened in Excel.
  • Compatible for Microsoft XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 an Windows 11.
  • Avoid IP blocks. See the total extracted records and view the results.
  • Option to enter multiple search criteria or multiple keywords at a time.
  • The license can be activated on 2 computers.
  • Free updates for 1 Year. Buy Lead generation software 24/7 online.

Contact List Manager with duplicates check

Our Google Maps data extractor software not only helps you find leads online but also sets up a database with the information. After extracting the page’s search results based on your keywords and locations, the program will automatically check the database to eliminate duplicate entries. The program sets up its own database for the contacts that have been extracted and there is no limit on how long such a list can be.

Click here to learn how to extract Google Maps Data with our software.

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