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Why Are We The Best Google map extractor In The Market?

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What Scrape Can Google Map Extractor do For You?

Scrape Google maps means extracting unlimited data for free. It can extract company name, longitude, latitude, city, state, website links, zip code, phone numbers, ranking stars, addresses, emails and opening hours, etc.

It has been seen that organizations have millions of data in raw format due to improper management. Google map scraping helps them to convert their data into CSV format or any other format that they would like to enlist their data.

Interestingly, our google map extractor,  data extraction software gives clients a desired and extraordinary feature of searching for contact with the email address.

It is available in more than 200 countries with compatibility for windows 7, 8, 10, and Microsoft XP. It also avoids IP blocks. In the end, it generates a summary that shows the total extracted records and its results in your selected format. Its license can be activated on more than 1 computer if you have google maps scraper software installed on both.

How G Maps Contact Extractor Work?

Perhaps you’ve done a thorough search to find out the best google map extractor software, and at last, you will come across ours. Our mission behind its development was to help guys to generate their leads with easy and friendly scrape google maps software that don’t charge a single penny. Let’s have a trip of how it works:

First, you’ve to select your desired category and location through keywords entering. Click on the search and wait for a few seconds so that your data can load correctly.

Doesn’t it seem nice to you because you got a Google maps extractor software that only requires a business location and type to give you thousands of related results? Another astonishing feature that ranks us at the first page is our software can eliminate duplicate records by itself. It first identifies and asks for removing the duplicates.

Then, what are you waiting for? Still, can’t make a decision should I opt for it or not? You need to review the benefits of having our software installed on your computer.

Let’s take a quick review:


Folks install different Google map extractor software for extracting data from different resources, which requires extra effort, memory space, and time to understand the functionality of how to operate it. Google scraper extract data from any website or HTML document to satisfy your needs.

You don’t need to rush anywhere for extracting data from yellow pages, online directories, or white pages if you have our ultimate data mining software on your PC.

We also offer a discount to our customers who have availed at least one scraper.