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Google Maps data scraper software: The tool that can automatically scrape data from Google Maps.

Montreal, Quebec – January 06, 2016– Management-Ware Solutions Inc. is a Canadian based company working in the high technology field. Management-Ware Solutions is proud to launch its new product for scraping data from Google Maps – “Google Maps Contact Extractor v2.00”. This Google Maps scraper software can be used for collecting all information from different Google Maps domains like,,,,, etc.  Google Maps Contact Extractor v2.00 can be easily purchased and downloaded from

The Google Maps data scraper software collects contacts easily using Google Maps database. This Google Maps application propose a quick and easy way to capture contact information such as business name, address, city, rating, opening hours, emails, phone number from Google Maps. Type in the desired keyword(s) or search by categories, enter a location and the contact grabber program will extract all the results from Google Maps database

Key features of Google Maps Contact Extractor v2.00 include:  – Quickly extract contacts – extract business name, business address, city, state / province, Zip code, Latitude, Longitude, rating, opening hours, websites, emails and phone number. – Save and Export the extracted contact lists in the most popular formats: CSV, XML, Excel (XLS), PDF, HTML and RTF. – Unlimited data extraction. – Compatible for Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. – See the total extracted records and view the results. – Option to enter multiple search criteria or multiple keywords at a time. – Very easy to use, convenient and offers an outstanding performance. – Use the program for Direct Marketing and Tele-Marketing Campaigns…

To move ahead successfully with direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns, you need a lot of contacts. With Google Maps Contact any organization can collect hundreds of thousands of contacts from a target group within days or even hours. Don’t wait! Take advantage of the power and simplicity of Google Maps Contact Extractor today!

Our GMap Contact Extractor is available in two editions: Free Edition & Standard Edition ($99.95). To read more on the differences among editions, visit the company’s website at

Availability of Google Maps Contact Extractor v2.0.0

To download a fully-functional evaluation copy of Google Maps Contact Extractor v2.0.0, visit the scraper software website at  The free edition includes access to Google Maps Contact Extractor technical support group.

About Google Maps Contact Extractor is owned by Management-Ware Solutions Inc. Management-Ware Solutions Inc. is a Canadian based provider of powerful Web data extraction, Web crawling and data mining solutions. Our cutting-edge products and services are utilized by leading organizations to improve productivity, faster lead generation and help to minimize costs. For more information about Google Maps Contact Extractor, visit the company’s website at

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